Top 5 Kitchen Necessities

After spending about 13 years in the kitchen, I have come to find there are certain time savers and things that I truly cannot live without.  These are the things I recommend to keep your kitchen functioning well and even make your life easier.

1.)  A good knife – These days you don’t have to spend your retirement fund on a great knife set.   Truth be told, I have used many brands over the years and happened to stumble upon the Miracle Blade knife set at Fry’s a few years ago.  A girlfriend had told me about them and of course I scoffed at the $29.00 knife set that supposedly would never dull.  I have been using them for 3 years now and have never had to sharpen or replace them.  So much for me knowing everything about knives!

2.)  A Chopper – My grandmother got me one of those chopper things as a part of our wedding present package back in 2000.  I have had 3 now over the past years because I use them so much.  I cannot stand chopping onion or garlic, I mean I actually despise it, but they seem to be in every single recipe on the planet.   You litterally throw some garlic into it, put the lid on and have yourself minced garlic in 10 taps.  Love it.

3.)  A Stand Mixer – Now I know this is quite an investment for the beginner cook but it is so worth the investment for the kitchen novice.  There are many other versions of my Kitchen Aid stand mixer that will do just the same thing as the iconic bad boy sitting on my counter top.  I must use mine once a week and is a necessity if you are a baker.

4.)  A Food Processor – This is probably my number one recommendation in the highly functional kitchen.  There are small versions and large versions and I believe Ikea even carries one.  The one I have is a larger version with a couple of attachments for shredding and grating.  It is wonderful for chopping, sauces, dressings, and so much more.

5.)  A Grill Pan –  I love to grill.  I love the whole act of sitting outside by my grill and waiting for the food to cook in the warm air.  Living in Arizona, there are days that I cannot stand the idea of being in the heat (like when it is 110+ outside).  For those of you on the East Coast, the wintertime is obviously a huge hindrance for getting to your grill.  I have 2 Ikea grill pans that I use regularly.  Doesn’t quite match that grilled flavor but it is a healthier alternative to pan frying.