A chicken and dumpling feast at Grandma's.

I grew up within a very small, tightly knit family who based many of our celebrations and holidays around food.  My grandma Maggie was raised in the south and so much of what she cooked was true comfort food.  Growing up around her table, I was surrounded by love; I took in the love that she poured into every dish as her main ingredient.  I wanted to be able to show this same love to my own family when I grew up.  Only one small hitch.  When I met my husband back in 1998, I couldn’t cook a thing. Not even soup.  I suppose it was due in part to the fact that I was an only child who was never made to cook or do dishes. Also, my poor mom had a 5 dish repertoire:  eggs, spaghetti, lasagna, boxed macaroni and cheese and Jell-O.  Although, she was an amazing baker. She made the best pies from scratch.  Her lack of culinary enthusiasm led to many fast food dinners and restaurant carry-outs.

I married a 330-pound NFL lineman, who did nothing BUT eat. I figured that if I wanted to keep my husband happy, I had better learn to cook.  His mother cooked all the time and he raved about the wonderful meals that she made for her family.  I began to watch the Food Network and see their techniques.  I began to read simple cookbooks and download recipes.  I got brave enough to attempt them, no matter how much I stunk at it.  My first blunder was a horrible French onion soup.  I didn’t caramelize the onions or let the alcohol cook off of the whiskey.  My poor test subject (my husband) ate it graciously, amused at the buzz it gave him.  After that debacle something clicked.  I started to get good at it.  I started to branch out into more in-depth recipes.

Cooking has turned into a creative outlet for me, a passion of sorts, if you will.  I don’t cling to any one style of cooking.  I don’t think food should be complicated or fussy.  I also don’t think spending hours in the kitchen is great unless you are entertaining.  Just because it is fresh doesn’t mean it has to be time-consuming.  I find inspiration in the grocery store, at the farmers market, on t.v., in magazines, and in restaurants.  I have always wanted to share my passion in the kitchen.  I figured a blog may be the closest thing to being on the Food Network or writing a cookbook.  So…here I am.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. chris tuccini said:

    Awesome job,Jen!!! I’m looking forward to reading more. Keep me in the loop. I left my email. Sign me up,sister!!!

  2. Yay!! So looking forward to reading your blog! Let the cooking begin!!

  3. Um, your blog is awesome also! 🙂 Great recipes~

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